How To: Make a cheap penny bomb

Make a cheap penny bomb

This video tutorial will show you the gist of making a cheap penny bomb. Cheap? Of course it's cheap. It's a freakin' penny, a cent, an Abe Lincoln, 1/100 of a dollar... it's cheap.

But wait, you also need some gun caps and tape. Take all of the black powder out of the caps and combine them with a few pennies. Tape them up and throw that sucker on the ground for a nice little bang for your buck... I mean cent.

This little penny bomb is cooler than you might think. Just watch this how-to video as the smoke explodes on the ground, sending shivers down your spine.


not that great

You said towards the end to rap it, I did, and then you said to keep raping it. I've been at it for a good hour, but it doesn't work! Help!

I'm not sure if he wants us to rap the pennies alot in the tape or just rape them alot. Spelling; it saves the innocence of pennies everywhere XD

I dont think i want to rape any pennies any time soon...haha

it will work much beter if you use tinfoil then tape the tighter the beter but dont put to much pressure and watch out for the flying pennies....please dont rape them

i would just put bbs in there much better....
wait did you say penny rape?

those are canadian pennys they don't have Abe on them.... my whole life has been one big lie

lol, u dudes commenting are all hilarious. i've been raping it for a good hour :))

get a name thatss not an obvious misfits ripoff

don't cry buddy, lol. we are 138? mr ripoff

id rather not rape a metal version of abraham lincoln

its wrapping not raping lol. maybe thats why it isnt working for you guys.....

friggen awesome!! works perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

make sure you keep raping it, its sure to work soon!!! (grunt grunt thrust thrust)

who wants ma phone num

hey does it need sun light to blast? thatz awesome too, coz thatz night proof one eh?

cool bomb, i think i live near there 'cause i reconize the scenery
can u make me 10 of those?

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