How to Make Bottle Rockets with Ground Bloom Flowers

The New Year's coming and you have no way to celebrate, no fireworks, no liquor, no nothing... except Ground Bloom Flowers with Report.

Check out this nifty video tutorial on how to make bottle rockets with Ground Bloom Flowers, otherwise know as Tasmanian devils. This beloved classic pyrotechnic device spins powerfully on the ground in a flower pattern that changes colors three times. Learn how to convert them from that to a cool bottle rockets for all to enjoy.


i cant see

THAT WAS SICK.........

jesus i seen this about 2 months ago... i bught a 72 pack made then all into rocket set them off... dude i luv you for this thank you so much :):)

5/64 inches is what the guy in the video said.

nice! That was aweosome! were u get the ground bloom things?

where did you buy the fireworks from? please email me at all i can find is really expensive ones

I saw your dog in the background. He's cool.

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