How To: Make a bottle cap bomb

Make a bottle cap bomb

This video demonstrates how to make a bottle cap bomb. The materials needed are two bottle caps, tape, a pair of pliers, a knife, a small screwdriver, and some kind of firecracker. Poke a hole in the top of one bottle cap wide enough for a fuse to go through. With pliers, squeeze the powder from the firecracker and put it into the other bottle cap. Fill the bottle cap to the rim with powder. Remove the fuse from the firecracker and add some of the shredded paper from the firecracker to the bottle cap. Put the bottle cap with the hole in it on top of the one filled with powder and tape the two caps together. Slide the fuse into the hole in the bottle cap and tape the fuse to the caps securely. He demonstrates how the bomb works by taking it outside and lighting the fuse. This video is easy to follow and emphasizes safety when making a bottle cap bomb.

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