How to Make an airsoft grenade without a speed loader

In this grenade tutorial video, learn how to make an airsoft grenade without a speed loader using only household items. They pop really well. All you need is a pen tube, led/eraser part of a mechanical pencil, a small water balloon, and about 50-100 BBs (.12 BBs are harder to see when they hit you, whereas .20s hurt more but are easier to dodge). Make your own homemade grenade with this instructional video.


Holy crap how many BB's is that about 360!!

Vat a Vaste

LED tube and fluorescent lights are completely different technologies. LEDs are very small bulbs illuminated by movement of electrons in a diode. Fluorescent bulbs use electrodes and a gas combination of argon and mercury to produce light. So the name "LED fluorescent tube light" really refers to an LED tube that reminds us of traditional fluorescent tubes.

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