How To: Make an airsoft grenade

Make an airsoft grenade

With just some masking tape, some airsoft BB's, a firecracker, a lighter, an Easter egg, and a drill, you can make your very own airsoft grenade. This video tutorial will show you just how to build this awesome frag grendade.

Take the Easter egg and drill a hole in the top. Fill the egg with airsoft BB's or pellets and a firecracker. Take the tape and cover the egg, put the egg lid back on. Put the firecracker fuse in the hole and tape the rest up. And that's final.

Your own homemade BB, Easter egg bomb.


I'd imagine the pellets would scatter in one direction since the tape is probably weaker than the plastic of the egg.

Meh, a little unimpressive, but I suppose if you added a larger explosive...

but if it does shoot out one end, add a cell phone detonator and it could b a mine.

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