How to Make an airsoft bomb or grenade with a firecracker

In order to make an airsoft bomb or grenade, with a firecracker, you will need the following: a chopstick, plumber's putty, airsoft BBs, firecrackers, and a lighter. Take a small amount of plumber's putty. Flatten it into a pancake. Lay it on a flat surface. Place your firecracker on the putty. Place the chopstick next to firecracker. Next, fold the putty over the firecracker and the chopstick. Make sure that the end of the firecracker is still visible. Make sure that it is thoroughly sealed. Then, roll it in airsoft BBs. Next, dig a hole in the ground. Plant the tip of the chopstick in the dirt. Then, light the firecracker. Quickly move to a safe distance.

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