How To: Make acetone peroxide safely

Make acetone peroxide safely

See how you can make acetone peroxide safely in this video tutorial.

Warning: This chemical is unstable and should under no circumstances be made by people without experience in this field! Avoid static electricity in the vicinity of the drug. As state it is incredible unstable, and it is easily set off. Friction is also lethal here. Think this way: When you hold AP your holding your own life in your hands, do not lose it. It is not good for your health so toxicological seen either, so try not to eat / sniff it. Use gloves when you handle the AP.

You need: Acetone Acid: 30% HCl Hydrogen peroxide, a bowl, stirring stick (preferably glass, not metal), salt-ice bath, ice bath thermometer, Filter (coffee filter works nice), drop counter, pipette in glass, and sodium bicarbonate (to neutralize the finished product).

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when you take it out the fridge what sort of consistancey is it? like will there be a risk of setting off from friction geting it out the jar? i.e. from a spoon

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