How To: Make a smoke bomb from common household items

Make a smoke bomb from common household items

Smoke comes in many flavors. This video demonstrates the construction of a smoke bomb out of a few creative household items: a soda can, a piece of paper, some body spray, and scissors. This process is unlike the ones used in most of the other smoke bomb procedure videos out there, and is definitely worth trying out if you enjoy this sort of thing.


wow of cousre its gunna smokd dum ass anything that is light on fire and is trap in a small contaner is gunna smoke

doesnt have to be in a small container, anything thats lit is going to smoke. lol

the video quality was poor, and the smoke coming out of the can will probably smell like #$%@
thank you for trying
but this is not a smoke bomb. It is not in anyway a bomb. And the smoke that will come out will be in small wisps, most likely. One of the points of most smoke bombs is to have the smoke cover an area bigger than the bomb itself. You have failed to do this.

the main reason of the smoke is the spray .Cause its FLAME- ABLE ;)
it has nothing to do with small container.

yep that sucked sorry bro nice try but tried it and yep it sucks just burning paper lol figure as much but was bored funny though i started to do this and got even more bored so went for a walk lol

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