How To: Make a large smoke bomb at home with household items

Make a large smoke bomb at home with household items

If you consider yourself an advanced at-home smoke bomb maker, watch this video! It demonstrates how to make a rather larger, more elaborate smoke bomb than most of it's competitors while still utilizing mostly common household materials. You will need a goodly amount of PVC pipe and a large number of sparklers, but neither of those things should be too hard to come by, and the resulting smoke screen could obscure the escapes of dozens, if not hudnreds of ninjas!


thats not a very effective smoke bomb for time time spent creating it, ive made a few in my time and that looks like a waste of time :/

with a fan <- stronger is better mounted on it. a more insulated end and lastly a part you can hold, it could be a good riot weapon

cool nice work like it but you said its house hold items and these tottally not household items

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