How To: Make a 100,000 cap ball explosion

Make a 100,000 cap ball explosion

What happens if you wrap 100,000 paper caps together in a ball and shoot it with a BB gun? Only one way to find out... You will need paper caps, sticky tape and a BB gun.




what a waste of time


i love to coke binge

hahaha sweet

GO BIGGER.....and then drop it from a 10 story building on someones car....

That is too funny. Just fun. Love that.

Pretty tight gotta be honest..

thats awsome!

cool vid.

haha anyone want to play catch with that ball

This is so freakin cool.

lol 1,000,000 And Lob It At Your Neibours House

throw that through your neighbor's window

it's not made right, im a pro!. origional name is "penny bomb" the caps where wraped around pennys and trowen at ground or, trow a bunch in the air and run lol.. but to make them properly, u must first strighten out one single roll, than fold in half,with flat plain side face in/together and follow along til u reach the end, than place one end between thumb and roll around n around the penny, makin even turns goin clocwise,try not to over lap if possiable, and also keep firm(not too firm)grip n tightn as u go,be careful,it cud explode in ur hands!!!!!!!, place alil 0.5"x0.5" masking/painters or scotch tape on end where u finish, (can keep addin on)(i usually use two rolls per penny and can also place inside other items ie. empty under arm deorderant stick.. and throw!

Who's gonna be the first do do that with a million caps?

well done but the question is how to make a paper caps???????/

Most people don't make paper caps; they BUY them at the store.

Wow, that had to be loud. I once took apart two Lone Wolf bottle rockets and tightly packed the white powder into a Lego cannon. (I had used a heated dart to melt a firing hole in the cannon.) I lit the fuse, it blew up, and i lost my hearing for 2.5 days. i never found the cannon.

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