How To: Get Potassium Nitrate at a Hardware Store

Get Potassium Nitrate at a Hardware Store

How to Get Potassium Nitrate at a Hardware Store

If you want to make flash powder or black powder for your own fireworks show, you're probably going to need some potassium nitrate, which is KNO3, or saltpeter. Potassium nitrate can be bought online, or at your local hardware store in the form of saltpeter, like Grant's Stump Remover and Spectracide's Stump Remover.


wow thanks! im buying this and making a smoke bomb! >.<

Hi, is it effective for a smoke bomb?

wooooot awsome i love you! woot i love making napalm!

thanks so mutch

i just buy mine at a local grocery store that has a pharamceutical section. its sold as salt petre (didnt kno you could find it there? you do now).... apparently it has some sort of health uses....

thank you man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hmmmm. ever since they started making cold packs amonium nitrate free, I haven't been able to find a source. is there a similar product with amonium nitrate in it? also, does potassium nitrate have the same effect?

Not sure about the difference of potassium nitrate and ammonium nitrate, except that ammonium might produce less smoke, and that you might need less of it for whatever. Don't quote me on that. And as far as getting ammonium nitrate, if there's a Target near you, they sell their own brand "Up&Up" of "Cold Pack Instant" that you could use. It's in the bandage section, though it is not listed online for some reason (maybe because it does have ammonium nitrate crystals).

thanks for the info. unfortunately, walmart dominates our commutity. sure we have brookshurs and krogers, but a target is not on the horizon. maybe when they finish construction on the FOUR FREAKIN LANE HIGHWAY! anyways, to quote South Park,"You can't kill the Walmart"!

Ammonium Nitrate is fertilizer. 34-0-0 you can get it relatively cheap at a place that sells seeds and fertilizer. It's used for a whole lot of things including Bluing Guns, Fertilizer etc.

Ammonium Nitrate is hydroscopic and needs to be dried out

Lol all of you i just get potassium nitrate with only urine and horse manure and also potassium carbonate (wood ash) and cool it down in the freezer hahahaha than buying those very illegal stuff in local harware store ,and those security guards will ask you why do you buy that thing hahaha and younsay for pyrotechnics and they will locate you later

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