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This DIY Remote-Controlled Launcher Lets You Light and Wave Fireworks from a Safe Distance

Everyone loves fireworks. They make loud noises, pretty shapes and colors, and appeal to the pyromaniac deep down inside us all. The biggest downside is that they can be pretty dangerous if not handled properly.

Remember running around with sparklers when you were a kid?

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Well, with this safety fireworks launcher by Dzl of GeekPhysical, you can recapture all the nostalgic fun of sparklers, with a lot more bang. It lets you light and manipulate rockets and Roman Candles without having to worry about blowing half your arm off.

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The launcher is remote controlled, so you can aim fireworks from a distance. It's kind of like waving around a sparkler, but a lot cooler.

It's made of laser cut nylon gears, with a PVC barrel for aim. It uses remote controlled servos with external potentiometers that act as bearings for the tilt axes.

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Using the remote control, Dzl swivels the launcher around to a lit candle that lights the end of the firework, and can then aim it in any direction.

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Pretty cool, and a lot more dignified than the old light-and-run-for-your-life approach. Check out the video to see it in action.

For more details, check out the project page on Dzl's blog. If you're interested in making your own, he's uploaded the design files here.

Image by Mike1024/Wikimedia Commons

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