How to Disassemble the A&K M249 MK II airsoft saw machine gun

You have the M249 airsoft machine gun and you need to know how to take it apart... perfect, this weapons video will show you how. This tutorial is specifically for the A&K M249 MK II airsoft squad automatic weapon, otherwise known as the SAW. It features full metal construction and a detailed finish that makes you feel like you are holding the real steel.

Just watch to see how to disassemble the A&K M249 MK II airsoft saw machine gun. It's very easy to do and takes about two minutes tops, even thought the video is much longer that that, but this is a walk-through... a thorough walk-through. In this AEG (automatic electric gun) disassembly, you'll take out the battery, stock, wiring and fuse box, along with the housing mechanisms, trigger guard, trigger assembly and more.

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