How To: Create fireworks with your cigarette lighter

Create fireworks with your cigarette lighter

Learn how to change your regular lighter into a fireworks mini-show. With the easy steps in this tutorial video, all you need is a regular cigarette lighter with some important modifications. The trick in this how-to video is great at night or if you want to show your friends a cool little sparkling, mini-explosive, light show. Just don't expect to impress anyone on Independence Day.

You just need to get a cigarette lighter that you can remove the sparker from, remove it, light the lighter and turn the cog of the sparker above the flame and watch the fireworks ensue.


so when you do it in the end have you added the sparker again, or are you still holding it above the lighter?

thats etly what i was thinking, i think he is holding it above the lighter and making it spark in between the two

as they say great minds eh

Kinda cool, be neat to show some drunk dude haha!

... how long did it take you to find that out?? Anyways nice vid
Only play this game if you're not afraid of losing! :p

just use powdered black pepper instead does the same thing.

Not quite the same effect but thanks for the info.

#$%@ you u #$%@!+* you wasted 20 seconds of my life

that didnt need a primatown detective to figure out ;)

Obviously it's not a sparker, i don't know how he did that, i'll try it tomorrow.

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