How To: Build orange smoke bombs

Build orange smoke bombs

This video tutorial will show you how to make a smoke bomb with simple household items.You can use this smoke grenade for cover and concealment for your mock military operations, or simply for a prank to freak your friends... you can eve use it for special effects in a cheap film, for a large cloud of orange smoke.

You will need:
-ping pong balls
-baking soda
-potassium nitrate (KNO3)
-organic powdered dye



Where do you get KN03 i think its illegal in MI

stump remover

Most funny at school because they think its a fire just use black dye.

will fertilizer work instead of potassium nitrate?

Ya, I used "Spectracide" Stump-Remover, they have others with more KNO3 but i couldn't easly get my hands on it. I don't know about fertilizers for a "Smoke Bomb" but you can make one hell of a BOMB with a chemical fertilizer.

lmao! nooo i tryed that it ruined my pan.. my spoon.. wasnt even flamabe..

Umm. Found the nitrate, got baking soda, got sugar, cant find dye, and where the hell do i find a firework fuse. Im under 18, cannot buy ingrediants. Any suggestions? or see the pull ring for smoke bomb vide made by this user

dye:art stores or hobby stores. it's optional to put dye in.

People under 18 homake your fyse by breaking match heads and mixing them eith water. The dip a thin peice of string in the mixture

Sweet! Good video

look on for missing ingredients...

AWESOME!!! it seems to make much more smoke than the other videos and ways to make a smoke bomb too.

will any dye do?

thank you!!!!

I would recomend more bakeing soda to make a slower burn it will produce the same amount of smoke just over a much longer period of time

me and i friend tried this. everything went well, until we lit it up. fire shot out of the top and looked like a roman candle! awsome,but what did i do wrong?

oh i bet its cuz we took off the top (we failed at making a pull-ring and it took off the top)

I used Spectracide Stump Remover as well. According to the MSDS sheet for the Stump Remover, the ingredient is 100% Potassium Nitrate, if anyone was curious.

Also, I spent about $6.95 for 1 lb of granulated crystals at Lowe's Home Improvement. I also found it at for $.40 cheaper per pound, minus shipping.

Actually, that is incorrect. "Spectracide Stump Remover" is only 90-96% potassium nitrate. "Grant's Stump Remover", however, is 99% potassium nitrate, so I suggest you use that if you are without plain KNO3 for best results.

I gave you the benefit of the doubt and re-checked. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, as per the MSDS provided by the manufacturer, "Spectracide Stump Remover" is in fact 100% Potassium Nitrate (KN03).

Sweet, perfect for paintball.

will it harm you if you breath it in?

Potassium Nitrate is only a 1 on a scale of 1 to 5 as far as health risks are concerned. I'd recommend not breathing it in. It also does not contain chemicals deemed carcinogenic.

woooooooow! that was cool! id better to try it!

fark yeah!

im under 18, where should i buy the pottasium nitrate, and is there anything else that will work?

oh and would food coloring work?

really cool! the first time i heatet it to much and it was being black, but the second time it worked!!

Honey, u r soooo hot!

That would work fairly well if you were lost lol

Genius!!! I am off to do one!! Just genius!!

will someone please answer the question as to whether the dye has to be organic? are there any suitable substitutes?

so i gave up on the dye factor. but i did experiment with the sugar. i found that powdered sugar (same weight as regular) melted into a peanut butter consistency more easily. it also gave off more smoke then using regular granulated sugar.

I got all the ingredients, did the first step (cook the sugar and pottasium nitrate together on low heat) and no matter how low the heat was the pottasium nitrate always goes up in flames. Help?

You might want to try indirect heat (like a BBQ smoker), you still get the heat but not right where the coils are, it is more evenly dispered through the water instead, allowing for a constant and even tempture. First off put water into a large pot, then mix your ingrediants in a smaller pot that will fit in the large one. Make sure it can't tip over though, that would ruin the whole batch. This should stop your batch from lighting afire.

will koolaid work as a dye ?

its dangerous to breath in,
no need for dye, but if wanted (as far as my knowledge) as long as its powdered it should work,
I want to know if koolaid works as well
also props to eric for the powdered sugar find, bet it will make making fuses better also

oo also I'm underage and got everything I needed, saltpeter is sold as stump remover

This will be so awesome for paintball and airsoft games! Cheap fourth of july fun also. Just need to check out the laws on making fireworks in my state first. Looks great! Thanks for the awesome video

I need optassium nitrate is it salt like it is on the video or some thing different

is there water in the potasium nitrate sugar mixture

I doubt it, even if there were, it would evaporate during the cooking/mixing process because of the heat.

hey can i use baking powder instead or something else cause i cant find it!!??????

hey, if i make them small can i use them for halloween to raise some hell!

Terrific !! -thank you very much !
Potassuim nitrate & dye are very expensive in my country-will seek for substitutes


Hey guys! Me and my friend tried this it looked alright when we made it but it didn't ignite at all. We used a pull ring which worked well but still no ignition. Me and my friend were wondering if it could be cos of the Kno3 were cone formed (small small balls). Anyway i was just wondering if anyone of you know some way to make the bomb ignite easier. Thanks alot

little holes through out smoke bomb should do the trick. mine it made it double smoke and halved time

hey was that baking soda he used? i tried it and it puffed up like a marshmellow.... took a lot of stirring to try to counteract it but still never looked like what he has

also when it burned it did very quickly and spit a good sized flame out of the top. i had it wrapped pretty tight but i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong. it was 60/40 mixture, and mine wouldn't even begin to melt unless on medium heat (electric stove, not gas). i tried on low for an hour and it wouldn't even begin to combine together that's why i turned it up slowly.

i keep watching the video and i don't understand why his mixture doesn't turn into a foam-like substance as soon as he mixes the baking soda like mine does.....

now THAT'S a #$%@ load of smoke!

Mine just keeps flaming up really bad, how come its catching fire so bad when all the video's examples don't ?

OK, so we just tried this out, and we must have overcooked it or something, because the second we took it off the stove it started hardening, and when we tried to take the pen out an hour later after it cooled, it was completely stuck, we ended up breaking the pen and taking out the insides to add the fuse. Also, when we added Baking Soda it puffed up too, and the smoke was black, even though we had yellow dye powder in it. And finally, as the smoke was going out, the whole thing suddenly burst into flames.

Long story short, this worked, but not as it was supposed to. We are going to make a few more, see if we can perfect it, but I would love some of the original poster's tips.

the same thing happened to me too

I have experimented with this multiple times, in different amounts and many different organic dyes. I think I can confirm the orange smoke is a hoax. Everything else is accurate.

grant Thompson the greatest your you tuber ever im so glad you did the potassium nitrate rockets

Oh, forgot to mention, the KNO3 mixture was as hard as a rock after the hour, but in the video it looks to still have some movement to it. Again, any tips would be much appreciated!


man i cant wait to try this. is there anyway to thin the smoke so u can c through it a little. im thinking about using it for drama. abso-F***ing-lutly awsome.will be great to replace the smoke machine.

Jaguar7076 mine is doing the exact same thing, let me know if you get it right, i'll be sure to post it if i figure it out...

i just wat t make an explosion :/

i think we need a better explanation of the making of this because ive tryed it like 5 times now and everytime i do it when i add the baking soda it turns to the marshmellow substance and then gets really hard and when lit acts as a propellant. i had the right 60/40 everytime its just when i add the baking soda is the problem do you take it off the heat as soon as it starts to caramelise?

anyone tell me what soda that was? bicarbonate?

and where to find pottasuim nitrate?

that is awesome! i love these vids and this website cause of dis #$%@. but warning though, mixing that #$%@ is EXTREMELY dangerous!! beware 12 yr old n00bs tryin to be cool in the kitchen.

i am so fukin doin that!! xD

I tried it. when I put KNO3 It exploded. Either I baked sugar in high warmth, or u'r adding something for safety. I dunno Can any1 help me?

Holy F*** thats nice

can you make it without the organic dye?

Baking soda is used to make the mix burn less, but also releases carbon dioxide when burned. Maybe those of you struggling with soda can try chalk instead and see if it makes any difference?

when i tryed it the duck tape started to mealt

I need a how to report mind if i use your how to i will give full credit to you and the website

The mixture needed is potassium chlorate / dye / sugar / baking soda. Nitrate is used to make gunpowder and burns fairly hot, nitrate is too hot because it burns the dye what you want to do is vaporise it. Vapour = coloured smoke burn = ugly brown smoke, tried many times with nitrate and I think it is not possible due to the very high temperatures when being burnt.

At the begining it's a solid KNO3 smoke bomb, at the end a commercial liquid smoke bomb for boat

use water to get the vapor its kinda simple

plus if it was commercial it wouldn't come out the bottom this is real the guys just perfected the making of it

Would orange Dylon (fabric dye) work

the best smoks booms i ever see it

will a toilet paper roll work for a card tube? and how can you measure out the substances without using an expensive scale?

How long does it takes to make this smoke-bomb ?

do you have to add water. whats the ratio water to saltpepper to sugar

Be careful that the Potassium Nitrate is almost 100% pure. It shouldn`t contain zinc or any other impurities!

will be just as effective without the color?

Hello um can you tell me the amount of ingredients I need for this? It's for a school project. Thank you!

yes good but the nitrat potasium i dont find

that waz realy awesome don't lesson to does haters out there bra do you man that waz realy cool peace man god that was cool later bro

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