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How To: Make a large smoke bomb at home with household items

If you consider yourself an advanced at-home smoke bomb maker, watch this video! It demonstrates how to make a rather larger, more elaborate smoke bomb than most of it's competitors while still utilizing mostly common household materials. You will need a goodly amount of PVC pipe and a large number of sparklers, but neither of those things should be too hard to come by, and the resulting smoke screen could obscure the escapes of dozens, if not hudnreds of ninjas!

How To: Make a Molotov cocktail with gasoline

This is a detailed description and demonstration on how to make a Molotov cocktail. Molotov cocktail, mockingly named after Vyacheslav Molotov, is the generic name for a variety of improvised incendiary weapons, also known as the petrol bomb, gasoline bomb, or Molotov bomb. Simple to make, they are frequently used by rioters.

How To: Make Stable Flash Powder

Here I shall show you how to make stable flash powder for all your uses in firework. It's not real flash powder, but the result is pretty good and not so sensitive like real flash powder. In my country, fireworks with flash powder inside of them are illegal, so I decided to make my own.

How To: Make an impact flash bomb

Learn how to make an impact flash bomb! With this video tutorial, you'll be making ninja grenades in no time! Throw these grenades to the ground and make your escape in a flash of puff and smoke. To make these flash bombs, you'll need a ping pong ball, sandpaper, superglue, flash powder, tissue, matches, and scissors. Make an impact flash bomb.

How To: Make a hydrochloric acid bomb

This how-to video describes how to make a fairly simple hydrochloric acid bomb. The bomb that is made in this video does not have an extremely large blast radius, but it can still cause damage. This particular hydrochloric acid bomb is contained in a bottle and will explode due to the chemical reaction between clorhidric acid and aluminum. All that is needed to make the bomb is the clorhidric acid, aluminum, and a bottle.

How To: Make an MRE bomb

Most homemade bomb videos feature young hoodlums from the suburbs making relatively safe smoke bombs out of common household materials. This is not one of those videos. This one features some of the world's most explosive-savvy people, United States Marines, making a bomb out of something near and dear to all of their hearts, the Meal Ready-to-Eat, or MRE. By concentrating the heating agent used in these meals in a canteen, the Marines are able to create a powerful, if somewhat delayed, explo...

How To: Make flash powder with KNO3, S, and Al

See how you can make some very powerful flash powder with KNO3, S, and Al in this video tutorial. In case you don't know, KNO3 is the symbol for potassium nitrate, also called saltpeter. S means sulfur or sulphur, and Al stands for aluminum. You can get powered aluminum at the paint store, and potassium nitrate and sulfur at the garden store.

How To: Make a match bomb

It is very simple what you will need just take one full box of matches and masking tape or duct tape. First take your box of matches and strip of the strikers. Now open the box and tap it on the ground so the match sticks are lined up, then place the striker inside the box facing the match heads and now take the tape and the box and tape it tight. Use a lot of tape you need it, tape it length and breadth wise, around the sides and you must tape diagonally to box. you didn't tape it fully. you...

How To: Make the most putrid stink bomb ever

Kipkay shows you how to make a rancid, nasty, stink bomb in this video tutorial that burns hair and rubber bands. So get out those sparklers you've been dying to play with, those rubber bands, a little bit of newspaper, some matches, and of course -- hair. This is a great rank stink bomb equipped with a little surprise ending, just check out the how-to video.

How To: Make nitrocellulose lacquer

Check out this video tutorial on how to make nitrocellulose lacquer. Nitrocellulose is a highly flammable material made by treating cellulose with concentrated nitric acid, used for explosives. The lacquer is the spreadable liquid made by dissolving ping pong balls in acetone. To make this nitrocellulose lacquer, good for most fireworks or other pyrotechnic needs, you'll need ping pong balls, an airtight glass container, scissors, 100% acetone, measuring spoons, and a razor.

How To: Make a sparkler rocket for under five dollars

Would you like to make your very own sparkler rocket for under five dollars? Well, this video tutorial will show you how to make your very own sparkler rocket for under $5. Just get the materials: Pliers, cardboard tube, electrical tape, wire snippers, sparklers, paper, glue, and razor blade, then just follow the instructions in this video.

How To: Make a soda bomb

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a soda bomb. First, take and empty water bottle and fill it with 1 cup vinegar. You can use a funnel to fill the water bottle if it's easier for you. After this, add in 2 tsp of baking soda, then wrap a tissue up and push it inside. After this, place the cap tightly on the bottle. Now, the reaction will star to take place. Put the water bottle on an empty rode, then wait for it to explode. The pressure inside the bottle will cause it to push the cap off ...

How To: Make a homemade rocket with sugar and KNO3

This is a two-part video tutorial on how to make homemade rockets that work perfectly with KNO3 and sugar. In order to make this explosive rocket, you will need, yes... KNO3 (potassium nitrate, or saltpeter if you prefer) and sugar. You'll of course need to mix the two ingredients together, otherwise you won't have a KNO3 and sugar rocket.

How To: Make a dry ice bomb

This video explains the process of making a dry ice bomb. In order to do this you only need a few basic items. All you will need is a water bottle, some water and of course the dry ice. The hardest thing to find will be the dry ice. In this video they show the phone number for the place where they got their dry ice. Once you have all of the items you will need, you just take the water bottle and fill it up about one-third of the way with water. You then put the dry ice into the bottle with th...

How To: Make a smoke bomb out of creative household items

Ammonium nitrate is a dangerous explosive found in a surprising number of household items, including cold packs and fertilizer. This video demonstrates a relatively safe application of this chemicals powers, the construction of a homemade smoke bomb. In this case, the ammonium nitrate comes from cold packs, and is first dissolved in water in a bucket and then absorbed into a newspaper, which forms the body of the bomb. The massive amount of smoke produced is very impressive relative to other ...

How To: Make a simple bomb

This video explains how to make a bomb at home by using some simple items. This can be done by taking some potassium and some sugar. Then mix the both in a tub. Then place 2 lighter gas cans on the mixture. There you have a home made bomb. This can be used as some fireworks in a party or in beaches to celebrate an occasion. This is just for fun purpose and most importantly it should be used in open spaces only.

Reusable Fireworks: DIY Bang Snaps You Can Throw or Smash

They go by many names—poppers, throwdowns, snappers, or bang snaps—but we all know them when we see them. These teeny tiny "fireworks" have been around for over 60 years and are still popular today because they're super cheap and safe for people of all ages to use. Each one contains a piece of gravel with a very small amount of silver fulminate high explosive, all wrapped up in cigarette paper. The paper makes them a huge pain to clean up later, and once you throw one down it's done.

How To: Make napalm at home with household products

Making napalm at home from household products. First, take a metal can and fill the can up about quarter of the way. Break apart some Styrofoam and put it in the gas. Mix this until the Styrofoam dissolves and becomes a gooey mix. Let the gas soak into the piece of Styrofoam that is in the can. Once the Styrofoam is saturated with gas you can pull it out of the can and light it.You do not want to get this on you once it is lit. It will stick to you and burn you very badly. Please use caution ...

How To: Make flash paper without using acid

Flash paper is a fun little tool, mostly useful for scaring people, doing magic shows, or scaring people during magic shows. Here, learn how to make it yourself at home without using the dangerous chemicals, including acids, inherent in most processes for it's manufacture. All you need is an oven, a gas cooker, a few simple chemical ingredients, and a desire to make paper burn more quickly than it already does.

How To: Build orange smoke bombs

This video tutorial will show you how to make a smoke bomb with simple household items.You can use this smoke grenade for cover and concealment for your mock military operations, or simply for a prank to freak your friends... you can eve use it for special effects in a cheap film, for a large cloud of orange smoke.

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