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News : Watch Petrol Bombs Exploding in Slow Motion

This shows an example of how petrol bombs, aka Molotov cocktails, look when they're are thrown against a brick wall. The big fireballs can be seen in both slow motion and normal speed views. The slow-mo shots were taken using a GoPro HD Hero 2 at 120fps. Video: .

News : 5 Explosive Homemade Fireworks for DIY Pyromaniacs

What kind of fireworks will you be handling tomorrow during your 4th of July celebration? Firecrackers? Torpedoes? Roman candles? Homemade aerial ball shells with a potassium nitrate, charcoal and sulfur mixture? Whatever fireworks you may be using on Independence Day, make s ...more

News : Get Your Gun Custom Painted

If Xboxes and cars get custom paint jobs (and even the occasional... nut sack...), maybe it's time you consider giving your gun a personality, too. HardCorps Weaponry is in the business of customized paint jobs for guns, and the good news is they've dropped their prices due to ...more

Friday Fresh : Have A Very Naughty Christmas

Let's face it - Christmas can be very tame. Caroling. Wreathes. Cookies. All very nice, but where's the mischief? After opening presents, you've got nothing to do but wait for the next meal. Below, three ways to amp up your Christmas. Turn your Christmas lights into electric ...more

Ultimate Redneck Duel : Flamethrower Vs. Fire Extinguisher

Whether you like French electronica group Dancing Pigeons or not, must of us can appreciate a music video depicting a showdown between two rednecks, one armed with a flamethrower and the other armed with a fire extinguisher. One word. Epic. Director Tomas Mankovsky describes ...more

News : Steal This Smoke Bomb Recipe

Known for being one of the most devious scoundrels of the sixties, rebel activist Abbie Hoffman went down in history (among other things) for his publication Steal This Book, a guide to living for free- "a manual of survival in the prison that is Amerika". Boing Boing has exce ...more

News : The Biggest Manmade Fireworks Ever

Big fireworks loving cities like Washington or New York think nothing of spending several million dollars to celebrate July 4th. 40,000 Class A firework shells exploding over the Hudson River, launched from six barges manned by 80 lucky pyromaniacs is tonight's treat. But whe ...more

News : POP! POP! POP! Ultra Fast Stick Bomb "Xyloexplosive"

A much more exciting alternative to domino toppling, kinetic artist Tim Fort holds the world record for what is apparently called a "xyloexplosive device" (or in layman's terms, a stick bomb). Tim uses  2250 tongue depressors to build 562 tiny tension-loaded bombs, resulting i ...more

News : Remote Control Airborne Bomb

For just seventeen bucks you can wreak all sorts of havoc, thanks to online shop The Hobby King: a bomb designed for your remote control plane or helicopter. Gizmodo reviews the weapon: "Though RC bombs aren't exactly a new idea, Quanum's $17 kit seems simple and effective. ...more

News : DARPA Develops Explosive Blocking Mega-Shield

DARPA has released footage of the Iron Curtain, a pretty impressive shield system that will protect armored vehicles from oncoming explosives. With $8 million in Army approved funds, DARPA will continue to develop the system and test in July of 2010. DVICE: "Mounted atop a v ...more

News : Laser Coil Gun Shoots Bullets on Pure Electricity

Wow, kudos to Daniel Eindhoven for his incredible laser-lit coil gun. This bad boy shoots bullets on pure electricity and can shoot up to 85 km/hr. Daniel's specs: Fully semi-automatic, up to 14 shots. Capable of delivering over 18J kinetic energy, and speeds up to 110km/h! ...more

News : Shoot Anvils Looney Toons Style

Gay Wilkinson likes shooting anvils more than having sex. That's right, he says exactly that: "People talk about the joy of sex, but it don’t last nothin’ like shootin’ anvils!” If you love explosives (even a little bit) as much as Gay Wilkinson, don't miss the video below. ...more

News : Potato Howitzer Destroys...Everything

Norwegian outdoor enthusiast "Monkeybase" has posted videos of his combustive potato cannon on his YouTube channel. Can't exactly use this potato cannon in your backyard... Cannon demonstrated below, with tutorial video on how to make your own potato fire cannon further down ...more

News : BOOM! Sawdust Explosion Tested by Mythbusters

Immensely satisfying, gigantic explosion. Essentially, "A large container is filled with sawdust, a road flare is stuck in the top and some compressed air is released in the bottom of the sawdust container." The process is so simple, and the result so incredible, seems too g ...more

News : Make the most putrid stink bomb ever

Nobody here will deny that we have a bias for pranks and general debauchery. Every decent degenerate joker needs a good DIY stink bomb. Well, this one is the best. Our good friend Kipkay is the purveyor of many adolescent naughty ideas. Using rubber bands and cat hair, he suc ...more

News : Blow up 100,000 caps at once

Cap guns are fun, but shooting one off won't likely live up to nostalgic childhood memories. The bang is far less scary than we remember. Step up the impact: create some serious explosive fun with 100,000 caps. This simple yet puerile instructional from our favorite punks at ...more

News : Hack a cell phone into a remote detonator

Consider this fantastic hack a safety tutorial for DIY pyrotechnics. Come on. We've all orchestrated reckless backyard explosions. Why not cut the risk and enjoy the show from afar with this MacGyver-style mobile detonator? Make a cell phone detonator.

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