red necks well done very good

not bad for kids

informational purposes only! that's bull Like people arn't going to try it

its not like they dont want u to do it. they gotta say that to advoid law suits

Lol nice! that is awesome! and simple! I'm going to make one!

That cannon,you could put a potato after that bomb,and there,you just made a potato cannon!

now I want have to go to Alabama to get fire works for Fl

hahahaaaaa i like

do u have to use drano

sound now me and my mates have a new toy to play with :L

what is drano ?

thats what i wondered too but then i found out that its a sort of fluid to drain pipes (theres more reasons but thats all i saw on google)

broken. faaiiilll.

you shouldent have gave the instructions in words.

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